Using My341 Experience Rating to Find a Bankruptcy Attorney

Facing a bankruptcy and feeling unsure of how to proceed? The first step for most people is hiring a bankruptcy attorney to help them navigate the complicated process – but how do you find the right legal counsel provider for you? Here is how My341 is changing the way citizens find the legal representation they need to make it through bankruptcy with their sanity intact! 

The Importance of Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney 

For some people, when situations arise that call for the services of an attorney, who to call may not even be a question that is raised. A family friend who practices law or a lawyer that the family is well-acquainted with will typically get the job without question. However, choosing an attorney who actually specializes in bankruptcy will give you several advantages that are more than worth considering. 

First, think of industry familiarity. While all lawyers should understand the legal basis of just about every kind of case, bankruptcy has its own rules and regulations that vary at both a state and federal level. Knowing these details well gives a bankruptcy attorney the advantage of being able to help you quickly and correctly navigate your bankruptcy. 

Additionally, working with an experienced legal professional means working with someone who has likely already encountered a scenario much like yours in the past. There is no feeling of judgment, no need to worry your lawyer might be overly-critical. This is just another day at work for a bankruptcy attorney! 

Now that you understand why a hiring a bankruptcy-focused legal professional is important, how can you be sure to find someone with that kind of experience in your area? That’s how My341 and the experience rating feature can help! 

Using the My341 Experience Rating Feature to Find a Great Bankruptcy Attorney - experience rating


What is the Experience Rating? 

Experience matters when it comes to the law. How that experience relates to exactly what you’re dealing with as a client is even more important. Legal referral website My341 offers an experience rating feature that streamlines the process of assessing local legal providers’ experience for potential clients and help to match them to the perfect lawyer. 

When weighing your options for a bankruptcy attorney, you’ll likely want to know how many cases your attorney has handled in that specific area of the law in recent years. With the experience rating feature, you are able to quickly and accurately determine just how much applicable experience your prospective legal professional has to offer. Showing the number of bankruptcy cases handled by an attorney in the last twelve months of practice, the feature also rates this level of experience alongside their direct competition – I.e., the other attorneys in their state or region. If you’re searching for a quick and easy way to answer the question, “How qualified is this bankruptcy attorney?”, there’s no need to look any further than the experience rating! 

What are the Benefits of the Experience Rating Feature? 

One of the biggest advantages of finding a local legal professional through features like the experience rating system is that the research and verification are conducted for you. There are many legal assistance websites that can direct you to local providers, but one that does the majority of the work in compiling information for you is revolutionary for those who don’t have the time to spend searching local listings. Making an informed decision is simple with My341. 

Unlike many other legal referral websites, My341 also specializes specifically in directing you to real, experienced bankruptcy attorneys. Mosty other legal sites will have you digging through virtual piles of attorneys experienced in other legal matters. This is anything but helpful. The concise, curated, and current listings on My341 are designed to help you find exactly who and what you’re looking for, and nothing else. 

Another great reason to choose a website that offers all of this information in a single location? Contacting your prospective legal representative is easier than it has ever been. By simply clicking through, you can get in touch with a bankruptcy attorney who can help you navigate the complex legal process of bankruptcy. 

Why Does Specific Experience Matter? 

Ok, so the experience rating feature helps you find and contact the most experienced bankruptcy attorneys in your area – but why does that really matter? The key to understanding why bankruptcy experience is important is knowing the difference between overall experience and the focused experience that this feature helps you identify and locate. 

When a lawyer practices for many years, they may feel the need to offer legal counsel in many areas of the law. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. However, diversifying your offerings as an attorney can distract you from putting your passion to work in specific areas. How can a professional hope to truly master their trade if they aren’t able to concisely tell you what that trade is? The phrase, “jack of all trades and master of none” definitely applies in this instance! 

If you want someone to represent you to the best possible extent, you should be searching for someone who isn’t just experienced in the field of law, but someone who has a great deal of specific experience working with clients in bankruptcy. When interviewing local legal professionals, it would be best to begin by asking what branches of law they practice in and what their ratio of experience in the bankruptcy court is, specifically. However, personally interviewing every nearby candidate for the job can get very tiring, and many legal professionals are too busy to schedule these interviews in a way that would also be conducive to your schedule. 

So, how can you locate someone with the kind of focused, specialized experience you need to succeed in surviving bankruptcy? Using the My341 experience rating feature, you can weigh the amount of experience each area bankruptcy attorney has to offer and compare them directly to see the best possible providers in your area. You save the time you would otherwise spend researching and compiling names of local professionals, calling to set up interviews and conducting those interviews, and instead are able to focus on what’s important.